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AT&D  Estates  Limited  was  registered  with  Nigeria’s  Corporate  Affairs Commission  as  a  Property  Development  and  Facility  Management company in 2003.

AT&D  Estates  is  steadfastly  committed  to  exceptional  service  and customer satisfaction and can create a comprehensive, customized plan based on your needs and deploying the latest technology, processes, quality  control,  training,  and safety programs to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.



Services rendered by AT&D estates Ltd include the following:-

Real Estate Development:- We are builders and land speculators who develop and sell high quality, affordable housing. We design and build properties, undertake the development, sale and management of properties, including estates to sell or to lease.

Property Consultancy:- We provide a Facility audit/condition survey service aimed at systematically recording inventory and locations of existing assets, identifying their deficiencies and determining the functional performance of building components and infrastructure. We prepare short- and long-term plans for maintenance, repair and identification and prioritization of capital projects for major improvements.

On-site Facility Management:- We provide maintenance and management of hard and soft services including electrical, mechanical, civil infrastructure, landscaping, grounds, support services etc.


A mini residential estate of 16 flats being managed since 2008. The services we render there include on-site facility management, consultancy and power solutions. AT&D Court has 4 no. generators with the ability to provide power on a 24-hour basis for the diverse needs of the 16 flat inhabitants. It also a complete water treatment system that ensures that occupants have 12,000 litres of clean water at all timeswith a reserve of 10,000 litres in the underground tank system. AT&DCourts is owned by AT&D estates.

This is a retail center on Admiralty way, Lekki Phase1 being managed since 2012. Services rendered there include on-site facility management, consultancy and power solutions. Centro Lekki has 5 no. generators to meet the diverse needs of the occupants of athe shops. Centro Lekki also has a complete water treatment system which ensures a constant supply of clean water for the shop owners.

We have been managing this facility since 2012. The services we render there include on-site facility management, consultancy and power solutions. This facility has 1 no. generator to attend to the need of the office during working hours. It has a complete water treatment facility as well which is effectively managed by AT&D Estates.
Every facility is unique and requires its own tailored management solutions. We work together with our clients and resident/occupants to arrive at winning solutions thereby meeting and exceeding our clients expectations. The end result is that we upgrade the value of the property and have satisfied occupants to show for our efforts. We look forward to working with your organization to produce the facility management solutions that will enable you to excel in your core business.