Lagos, 25 June 2021 – ATO Studios, the training subsidiary of ATO Architects has been selected by BIM Africa Innovation Awards as the designers for its 2021 award plaques. This comes in recognition of ATO Studios’ drive to pioneer disruptive trends in the built environment sector.

According to their Executive Director Moses Itanola, “BIM Africa is a pan-African initiative advocating the adoption of digital technologies in the built industry across the continent and recently endorsed the launch of the BIM Africa Innovation Awards 2021 which will highlight exceptional AEC projects and individuals across the continent.”

An email from Mr Itanola reads: “the Board has nominated an engagement with ATO Architects … (through) your subsidiary, ATO Studios, which is pioneering disruptive technologies to support the Built Environment sector.”

BIM Africa wanted an award plaque design showcasing digital innovation in design and production, representative of the strides towards BIM adoption and technological disruption in an African Context.

In response, BIM Manager at ATO Architects and designer of the plaque, Ms. Victoria Ikede, says her proposal is very aware of the presence of rhythm in African culture, traditional dances, and design; akin to concepts of BIM and Collaboration like Nodes, Networks and Data Flow”. All of which in retrospect imitates the intricate threading styles of the black woman’s hair.

The award ceremony is scheduled to hold on a date to be announced by BIM Africa.