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Design Philosophy

ATO’s design philosophy is influenced by his initial training at Manchester School of Architecture (then polytechnic) for which the Victorian Eclecticism was very apparent in the context of the school at Manchester.

The early work of the firm was geared towards satisfying the needs of new financial & banking institutions, for which the stylized neo-classical and post-modern were the vogue. Most of ATO Architects, later schemes have been eclectic, and largely influenced by the client’s requirements, site, materials and environmental constraints. Having said this, the firm has explored a variety of solutions to problems brought to bear by these constraints.

In tackling a range of building types our philosophy of exploiting and experimenting with materials have yielded dividends in some of our design solutions. We have exploited structural systems not readily used in the West African environment and continued to focus on developing these systems.

The firm has concluded several solutions over the years with a unique aesthetic.

The firm has built a reputation for providing competitive services for our clients, most of who have been continually serviced by us for many years by producing multiple buildings.

Our design philosophy is to provide workable, aesthetically pleasing solutions to a myriad of simple and complex design problems and clients’ requirements in order to create flexible, environmentally sensitive, functional and cost-effective buildings and spaces. Our design style is somewhat eclectic as we strive to achieve uniqueness on each project.

We have a unique understanding of the dynamics of various scenarios honed over 32 years of consistent hard work and service delivery. We have a talented and well -trained firm of architects and are confident of exceeding your expressed expectations.