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Architects + Project Managers


Architectural Design & Project Management

Architecture is at the core of our business.  We have had the unique privilege and opportunity of designing a very wide range of building and facility types.  We consider our style to be eclectic and highly responsive to the requirements of the client. Our designs are well tailored to harness the best possible solutions to the problems that these requirements may create.

From small single-family residences to multi-hectare multiple-use complexes, estates and facilities, we are careful to pay attention to the unique requirements of each client, each project, each location, each time.  We have done Residential and Housing projects, work in the Aviation, Oil and Gas Industries, Corporate developments, Recreational facilities, Financial Institutions, Hospitality, Educational, Health Care and Ecclesiastical buildings and facilities.

Master Planning

ATO Architects has had a lot of experience in master planning especially of commercial developments and housing developments.  Our work gives us an opportunity to impact the environment and we feel it is our responsibility to ensure that this impact is always positive.

Green Architecture & Sustainable Development

We’ve been providing sustainable solutions for residential as well as commercial buildings since the early 1990s.  Most of our work has been carried out in the tropics, and we employ the basic principles of building design and orientation to maximize ventilation through buildings and minimize solar radiation.  This ensures that our buildings are comfortable and are not energy-hungry.  Most of our building materials can be locally sourced.  We have a LEED Accredited Professional on our staff and are currently doing projects where LEED and Sustainable considerations are a requirement of the Clients.

Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

The firm has done several interior refits which have involved total design of the interior finishes, fittings and furniture.  We recognize that several times it is not enough to design a building and hand it over to the users and so for several projects, more and more we are having to design buildings from the outside in and for several users we need to no just make the interiors look good, but make them purpose-designed to serve specific needs.

Contract Administration

Most contracts for the execution of building projects are between an Owner or Client representatives and a building contractor.  We as Architects are responsible for ensuring that even though we are paid by the client, the terms of the contract are clearly stated and the administration of the contract is fair to both parties.  We are very experienced in the area of Contract Administration and this is very critical to the successful execution of any project.  We have also been called in as arbitrators on projects other than ours.

We recognize that all projects, no matter how small or large, need to be planned.  Some plans can be brain-stormed and written out in a few hours while others may take weeks, months or even years, especially when there are changes to the scope and or requirements, or even the budget of the project, along the way.

We are no stranger to exploratory projects and will work with a client who has land or a building that he is not sure what he wants to do with.  We will help him explore his options and prepare studies and reports that he can then use to get the necessary buy-in and financing where necessary.

The conversion, re-modelling and re-use of buildings is another area of expertise for us at ATO Architects.  Building Assessments are an important aspect of the preliminary stages of any of these types of projects and sometimes required when we need to carry out feasibility studies for possible work on existing buildings.

We have an inhouse team of Quantity Surveyors and are therefore always in a position to quickly evaluate project costs.  We recognize that in today’s world, things change very quickly.

There are also plenty of options available for any given material or component and we help our clients to get the best “bang for the buck” and give them the opportunity to change their minds if they suddenly have the budgetary leeway.

Most recently we have had to do major value engineering for our Kano Economic City project where contract awards are now in the process of being completed.

ATO Architects has been called upon several times by Clients who do not want to deal with multiple parties, to do projects “turnkey”.  Examples of our Design-Build projects include AT & D Estates in Lekki Phase 1 and the Refit of the Executive Suites for Stanbic IBTC at Walter Carrington Crescent on Victoria Island.