Residential Estate Development at Ikeja, G.R.A for Briscoe Properties Limited

We were invited by Briscoe Properties Limited to enter a competition to design a residential estate with top class luxury facilities to meet International standards.

The plot of land is located at Plot 6&7 Michael Ogun Street, GRA, Ikeja with an area of approximately 8370m². The property is a corner piece lying on the left of the road and spanning about 140 meters stretch of Michael Ogun street, with an approximate with of 60 meters.

A team of in-house staff members, commenced the design process by conducting researches on similar projects that have been carried out both within and outside the country. Relevant Case studies were conducted; which helped in detailed analysis and understanding of the brief. The research also shed tremendous light on factors that aid functionality of a building especially in terms of Sustainability.

Our design approach is to meet the client’s needs within the LEED requirements.

LEED is a US based evaluation system, which measures compliance of the highest levels in building development in sustainability and green policy. There are graduated certifications such as silver, gold and platinum. It would require a joint commitment of the client, consultants and contractor in the design and implementation of the project to achieve any of the above stated grades.

The entire design has been guided by the following guiding principles:

  • provide a welcoming entry experience for visitors to the estate
  • Provide maximum views and exposure for the residences.
  • provide an ecologically sensitive solution that conveys a balance between the built and natural environment on the residential site.

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