TWIN lake Multi Unit Development for the Peninsula Multipurpose Cooperative Society (PTMCS)

The Peninsula TLE Multi Purpose Cooperative Society (PTMCS) requires the design of a luxury residential estate containing 120 housing units made up of 3 and 4 Bedroom apartments, on approximately 2 Hectares of land. Each unit is to go a maximum of 8 (eight) floor levels with a total maximum height of 30 meters.The PTMCS wants an estate that is modern and economical, has energy-saving features, is environmentally-friendly and sustainable and capable of iteratively evolving. Ease of maintenance regularly and in the future are also important considerations.

The facilities to be included in this estate are:

  • Multi-unit apartment blocks
  • Maintenance and Management Facilities
  • Security Gate House and entry postStreet
  • Lighting
  • Children’s outdoor playground
  • Parking for 360 cars at 3 spaces per residential unit
  • Roads, Drainage and Paving
  • Central Telecommunications System
  • Satellite TVAudio & Visual Intercom
  • Internet System
  • Anti-Burglary System

Green building aim to reduce the environmental impact of new buildings. Buildings account for a large amount of land use, energy and water consumption, and air and atmosphere alteration. Considering the statistics, reducing the amount of natural resources building consume and the amount the pollution given off is seen as crucial for future sustainability.

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