Bristow Residence

The client plans to take out a long lease on the property it currently occupies and have it re-developed to accommodate 100 pilots at a time with ancillary, maintenance and recreational facilities including the addition of a perimeter walking/running track. The buildings on the south half of the site are to be demolished and replaced with the 100-room hotel that is proposed, along with a swimming pool and a tennis court.

Each of the pilot rooms will be self-contained to allow for 2 pilots to share the same room back to back when required. This is to be considered in the provision of closets. It is to be noted that a good number of the pilots like to prepare their own food and so provisions are to be made to allow for common areas to do this. Provisions are also to be made for kitchen and general cafeteria services, as well as bar and lounge. Other utility provisions will include Laundry, Storage and waste disposal.

A gymnasium is to be provided and maintained.

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