Central Bank of Nigeria Convention Centre

We were invited by Central Bank of Nigeria to enter a competition to design a world class Convention Centre in Abuja. This convention centre comprising of a convention Facility with Multi functional halls, meeting rooms, exhibition halls e.t.c as well as a five –star Hotel Facility should be a sustainable edifice encouraging trade and investment in the country.

While the location presents immense opportunities for development, the existing infrastructure and the development trends in the immediate environ also present significant design and planning constraints, which have influenced our design approach to meeting the client’s needs within the LEED requirements.

LEED is a US based evaluation system, which measures compliance of the highest levels in building development in sustainability and green policy. There are graduated certifications such as silver, gold and platinum. It would require a joint commitment of the client consultants and contractor in the design and implementation of the project to achieve any of the above stated grades. The entire design has been guided by the following guiding principles:

  • provide a welcoming entry experience for visitors to the Convention centre.
  • Provide maximum views and exposure for the facility.
  • expressing the Nigerian culture through the use of indigenous cultural patterns and materials from Nigeria and//or other African regions.
  • provide an ecologically sensitive solution that conveys a balance between the built and natural environment on the convention centre site.

A team of in-house staff members, commenced the design process by conducting researches on similar projects that have been carried out both within and outside the country. Relevant Case studies were conducted; which helped in detailed analysis and understanding of the brief. The research also shed tremendous light on factors that aid functionality of a building especially in terms of Sustainability.

The proposed site is located within the phase 1 area of FCT, Garki District, with the central Business District to the North and Asokoro District to the east.

The Site is Plot 658, Ahmadu Bello way, area 11,Garki District and bordered on the East by Ahmadu Bello way and on the North by the Inner Southern Express way (ISEX).

Existing on site is a Multi storey-framed structure originally designed for NITEL. This building has been constructed up to the 5th floor. In order to avoid massive wastage that will be generated by demolishing this building, it was agreed that the building be adapted to accommodate the five-star VIP Hotel requested in the brief.

The terrain is relatively flat and approximately 68,000Sqm. Existing facilities or services on site include Power, Water from the municipal mains and sewage lines.

A multi storey reinforced framed structure and the consultant’s site office exists on the site. This main building of 5, 8 and 13 storey already has 5, 5 and 7 floors completed respectively, while the Auditorium had its floor slabs and columns erected.

Traffic analysis of site environ was conducted, which led to the provision of the main access road which branches of the Ahmadu Bello Way, this is to ensure that traffic pressure on Ahmadu Bello Way is not increased due to the proposed Facility

Upon Conduction of site studies; taking into consideration the sun path and wind directions as well as observing the orientation of existing building on site, it was obvious how the proposed facility should be oriented to take maximum advantage of wind flow.

The larger halls in the conference facility are oriented E-W, to ensure maximum Ventilation within the interior space.