The Ilorin International Airport was built was a secondary airport to Murtala Mohammed Airport in the 1970’s. Since the Military Coup, Ilorin Airport was left in a state of disrepair. The new government requested for a new terminal building of a significant profile but with an economical budget. They had seen something that our practice had done in Warri, and wanted something similar.
We were appointed as Architects and Project Manager. We engaged other specialist consultants to execute the project, which consisted of:
• 2024m2 usable spaces on the ground floor, comprising the arrival hall, departure lounge, baggage and handling hall, Government Agency offices and Airline offices.
• 155m2 usable space on First floor, comprising Government Agency offices
• 155m2 usable space on Second floor, comprising Airport Management offices
• 20m2 high Control tower, with provision for future horizontal expansion to be sited on the western site of the proposed Terminal building.
The building was designed on a shoe string budget, but turned out to be relatively successful. The Contract was awarded in May 2004, and was completed in July 2006.

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