Shell Business Park

The concept master plan for the Shell Centre, Lagos brought ATO Architects together with professionals in various specialty areas in master planning, architectural designs, structural engineering and building development cost analysis, which included EDSA, USA, Manning Architects, IAAA Engineers, Molecular consultants and SEA surveyors.

SPDC and it subsidiaries were occupying a total of 12,526km2 of office space spread across two buildings -Freeman House and Sterling Towers, both which are on Lagos Island. The building posed challenges of overcrowding as the staff strength has increased considerably. This motivated Shell to propose a business park within the rapidly developing Lekki peninsula. 2 Sites of 7.7hectres and 2o hectres were purchased within relatively short distance from each other for the commercial and residential areas respectively.

The conceptual design of the project entailed the design of a business campus intended to provide the ideal work place -an interesting integration of work and home in the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere of a landscaped park and a residential campus on a 20 hectres site to provide comfortable home environment for Shell employees.

The residential estate was designed with a variety of housing types and sizes to serve a mix of income levels and lifestyle by Shell employee. A mix of single-family, duplexes, terrace homes, courtyard homes and apartments have been locked throughout the village to encourage a truly integrated community for Shell workers.

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