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FIRS Headquarters Abuja

Headquarters for Federal Inland Revenue Service in the Nation's capital, Abuja.

ATO Architects won the competition for the design of FIRS Headquarters building in 2011. The purpose of the building was to bring the various branches of FIRS to a single building. our vision for firs is to create a bioclimatic approach where alternatives that contribute to protecting the environment, saving energy and improving the quality of the work environment is enhanced.

The concept of the design was based on FIRS concept which is the pivot of National Development

The complex has been designed to accommodate about 2500 staff and consist of the following:

  • Tower Block
  • Car Park Block
  • Auditorium
  • Security Buildings
  • Fire Station
  • Other Auxiliary facilities

The Tower consist of 18 floors inclusive of one basement level, three podium floor and 14 tower floors on three wings connected by a central Atrium. The total building height is 103meters and there is 2 masts of about 25meters. The Tower was originally designed to have a helipad but was removed at the time of award in 2014. The Tower was also originally designed on 103,000sqm but was reduced to 86000sqm due to encroachment on the property by the adjoining neighbour and value engineering based on client’s request. There are four escalators, seven staircases, and ten lifts in the tower block to ease vertical traffic. The other facilities within the tower block are, the exhibition, Library, Gymnasium, Restaurants and Industrial Kitchen, Executive Car park, creche, Supermarket, praying areas, offices, energy hubs etc. There is also a 700 capacity Auditorium between two wings of the tower. The Tower has been designed as an energy-efficient building with E- glass having a U value of 1.2. The three cleaning cradles at the roof of the Tower will facilitate the maintenance of the building.  Access control is not limited to the Tower building but also within the entire site.

The car park is a 12-floor building with 11 floors of Parking linked to the Tower block on some floors. It accommodates about 480parking lots, 2Nos 2.5KVA Generator, 1no 750KVA Generator, 1no 500KVA Generator and 9 chillers that facilitate the adequate function of the Tower block. The car park is equipped with car park recognition system to ease traffic.


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Project Details


Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS)




5th Nov 2014 -

Scope of Work:

Design and Construction supervision

Contract sum:

Appr. $233m

Building Coverage

86000 sqm