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Nigerian Conservation Foundation, Lekki.

(Now known as the Lekki Conservation Center)

After ATO’s winning entry to a competition to design an office complex at Mosley Road, Ikoyi for Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF), the foundation opted to embark on a low budget office complex at their conservation park in Lekki. ATO’s design response to the brief was to create a building, which displayed sensitivity to the sustainability of the environment. Because of the poor swampy ground conditions of the site, ATO’s approach was to design a building floating off the ground on large foundation pads, which distribute the building load rather than using pile foundation, which would have created a more rigid form.
The initial design of the building incorporated solar panels on the building roof to provide an alternative energy source, as part of the overall approach to sustainability and green architecture. This had to be cut off the design due to cost implications.

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Nigerian Conservation Foundation


Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria



Scope of Work

Design and Construction Supervision