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Architects + Project Managers

What We Do

[uxb_heading text=”Architectural Design & Project Management” type=”h3″]

Architecture is at the core of our business. We have had the unique priviledge and opportunity of designing a very wide range of buildings and

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[uxb_heading text=”Interior Architecture and Furniture Design.” type=”h3″]

The firm has done several interior refits which have involved total design of the interior finishes, fittings and furniture.

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[uxb_heading text=”Master Planning” type=”h3″]

We’ve had a lot of experience in master planning, especially of commercial developments and housing developments. Our work gives us an opportunity to impact the

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[uxb_heading text=”Contract Administration” type=”h3″]

Most contracts for the execution of building projects are between an Owner or Client representatives and a building contractor.

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